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“The Garden of Lost Species  &Words" departs from our shared experience that cuts through the present moment: the disappearance of species from the earth and our collective memory.  ​

The current rate of biodiversity loss is accelerating, with profound impacts upon our ecosystems and our own place within them.  Driven by a shared interest to acknowledge the rapidly declining environment, the exhibition draws on artists who ground their attention into their creative practices.

The exhibit also responds to the still prevalent taxonomy that separates nature from culture, while engaging in the relationships between human and non-human kin through a multiple sensory languages, including visual, poetic, sonic, and performative.  The exhibition seeks to be an explorative space to consider a new forms of kinship, intimacy, and belonging between humans and non-human kin.

The Garden of Lost Words and Species 

Works by: Esteban AgosinYoko OnoShin Yu Pai, Rob Rhee, Alex Vittum & more (TBD)

Songs of Plants, Tender Machines

A series of performances, sound art, and deep listening


Arctostaphylos franciscana, an endemic species. Image credit: Future Ecologies, 2018

The Garden of Lost Species & Words

Sunday Kitchen

Sept.6th - Oct.12th, 2024

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