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The Garden of Lost Species & Words

Sunday Kitchen





The Garden of Lost Species & Words is an exhibition and a series of events that intervenes in our shared experiences, cutting through the present moment: the vanishing species from the Earth and our collective memory.


Driven by a shared concern to acknowledge the rapidly declining environment and the disappearance of our non-human kin, the exhibit draws from artists who imbue consciousness into their practice.  In times marked by erasure and ongoing environmental crises that have become the norm, how do we navigate our current reality and live together?  Can art serve as a catalyst, bringing new perspectives and generating meanings in our shared landscapes?


The artists and poets in this exhibition, take on roles akin to translators, priests, and collaborators.  Rather than posing answers, they facilitate our sensory understanding of the intangible through interaction and collaboration with the environment.  With Poetics that give a name to what is emerging but yet present, through inter-species collaboration with roots and moss, and by communing with plants through sound waves, the artists activate our senses, bring the invisible to the fore, and activate the spaces in-between to foster a deeper sense of kinship.

 The Garden of Lost Species & Words explores our interconnectedness and intrinsic belonging to our non-human kin.  The exhibit further challenges traditional modes of taxonomy between nature and culture, while acknowledging the symbiotic relationships between humans and other living beings. 

The Garden of Lost Words and Species 

Visual and Sound Art Exhibit

Artists:  Shin Yu PaiYoko Ono, Rob Rhee, JJ Jungim Rose (TBD)

Songs of Plants, Tender Machines

A series of performances, sound art, and deep listening

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