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Located in a neighborhood in the heart of Seattle’s Belltown where many culinary cultures, arts, and communities converge, Sunday Kitchen is a corner art space nested in the Asian culinary culture and food store, the Mixed Pantry


Sunday Kitchen explores the intersections of the everyday, diasporic communities, and ecologies, greeting neighbors from the window to the works displayed throughout the store.

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In many cultures, the kitchen is seen as a domestic space where most cooking and care work happens.  But while the rice steaming and the soup simmer, the kitchen often evolves into a communal spac create a space that embraces the rhythms of every day. 

Echoing poet laureate Joy Harjo , "the world begins at a kitchen table", countless artists and writers have sat in a kitchen corners, capturing thoughts and images to re-imagine and re-enchant our world.  

 As an art space for conversation and community, Sunday Kitchen invites visitors to the space of our interconnectedness and the shared ecological landscapes of our time.

The heartbreaking reality of this scene exemplifies the many dimensions of the kitchen table: a space of nourishment and replenishment, as well of as a space of exhaustion and reckoning.  

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