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“From Elsewhere, Within Here: Women of Tomorrow”

January 12h- April 30th,  2024

2233 1st Ave. Seattle WA 

The Sunday Kitchen presents “Elsewhere, Within Here: Women of Tomorrow”, opening exhibits that will feature a series of works of AAPI Diaspora artists from Asian continents and the Pacific Northwest. The exhibition is dedicated to the vibrant, interconnected narratives of these demographics from different "Asias" to the Pacific Northwest. 

"Elsewhere, Within Here: Women of Tomorrow", centers on a seminal text by the filmmaker and cultural theorist Trinh T. Minh-ha,  which considers identities, migrations, and possibilities that transcend geographical and cultural boundaries, exploring a social, temporal, and poetic sense of belonging that encompasses affective experiences, and lived realities. 

Exhibits focus on the works of selected Asian female diaspora artists who traverse the local and the global that disrupt boundaries, singularized origins, and conventional narratives of identity.  Drawing from their lived experiences, embodied histories, and the hybridities at various borders, the works on view will illuminate an interconnected future seen through an eco-feminist lens.  

The exhibits also focus on the connections between art, and the larger themes of ecology in the context of extreme weather events. The exhibition will serve as a reflective space for cultural understanding and our ecological relationships, resonating within the multicultural fabric of greater Seattle. 


Trinh T. Minh-ha, Courtesy the artist.

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